are sixty-second soundscapes journaling the diverse landscapes sewn throughout the fabric of reality. Each one portrays the eclectic planets and celestial landscapes that The Traveler comes across during their gigs throughout space. Sound design, music composition, abstract art, and story come together to vividly depict these far reaches of space.

The Multiverse Traveler

or just The Traveler, is a gig worker of the infinite galaxies. One of the few remaining with enough spacefaring skill to traverse the infinite realities, their odd jobs as a transporter, deliverer, protector, and occasional mercenary leads them to obscure and strange corners of the cosmos. After completing their work, they document the unique atmospheres and extraordinary experiences to share with those who would listen.

The Proxy

is a messenger for The Traveler's communications. Stationed a little closer to home, he produces and publishes the soundscapes, translating languages as necessary and prompting The Traveler for details that might be alien to the audiences of Earth.

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